5 Ways To #FuelWhat’sInside:

Performing your very best requires dedication, sacrifice and hard work. We log the miles, cross-train and rest our bodies so we can be completely prepared when it comes time to toe the line. But what about our nutrition? Are we fueling our workouts with the right foods to maximize our results and enhance our training?

Improving your nutrition can take running, or any sport you’re active in, to the next level. With the right combination of foods, fluids and snacks, you can help your body handle more miles and longer workouts while enhancing your recovery.

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1. Fuel to Train

Training for a race demands a lot of energy. Eating a variety of healthy foods throughout the day and planning how you eat around your workouts ensures you have the energy you need when your body needs it most.

If you’re an early morning runner, wake up a minimum of 30 minutes before you run. Shake up an Activate to jump start your energy. This will provide your body with the hydration, protein and carbohydrates you’ll need to get through your run with sustained energy and optimal effort.

2. Finish Strong

You just finished a tough training run: now what? You have a 30-minute recovery window – use this time to enjoy something with carbs and protein to speed up your recovery and muscle repair.

Profile Restore, our post-workout recovery drink, features our Profile Protein blend that is purpose-built to help short-term and long-term muscle recovery. Formulated to restore your body after strenuous activity, Restore includes the right mix of nutrients to reduce muscle fatigue, boost immune function and increase energy storage.

3. Eat Plenty of Healthy Fats

Afraid of fats? Have no fear! Runners need fat to aid in recovery, protect joints and organs, help regulate body temperature, fuel their body, and absorb essential nutrients. Foods like nuts, seeds, avocado and real butter are high in healthy fat. Try working some of these foods into your daily meals – I promise that you won’t regret it!

4. Don’t Try Anything New on Race Day

This is a popular piece of advice, and for good reason. Find what works and what doesn’t for your body during training so you know what you should or should not do during your race. Common things to avoid while on race day include skipping breakfast, over-hydrating with sports drinks, not stopping to use the restroom or trying an energy gel for the first time. It’s common sense that if you train how you plan to race, you will race exactly how you trained. Preparation and routine go a long way – establish good habits and be consistent.

5. Drink Responsibly

Whether you’re training or racing, hydration is huge! Pick your fluids according to your body’s needs and do your homework prior to race day to find out what is offered at aide stations. Check race details ahead of time so you know how far apart water stations will be and plan your stops accordingly. Most runners need two to four ounces every 15 to 20 minutes.

Helpful Tip: most aide stations won’t fill water cups all the way up, so spilling while sipping could mean you’re missing out on needed fluids! Make a spout with your cup by pinching the rim and sip from the other side.

Briana Burgers

Briana Burgers

Briana Burgers is the ultimate cheerleader for Perform. Her background of athletics, dietetics, group fitness and business development has allowed her the ability to impact multiple facets of Perform from product nutrition development, Perform Ambassador program coordination and social media content strategy. Like everything else for Profile, with Perform, she’s all in.