Profile’s Chief Healthy Living Expert Steve Herrmann, PhD, is excited about the release of Profile Perform, Profile’s new active lifestyle brand.

We’ve been working on Profile Perform for more than three years. We did our homework on the nutrition and safety. We went back-and-forth to get the taste right. We helped our coaches understand where something like Perform fits into the member journey.

After all that work…Profile is ready to PERFORM.

We’re pretty fired-up about this new brand we’re launching. Both Brianna and Alyssa are chipping in to help explain Perform, so I am going tell you a little bit about PERFORM and the first time it helped Team Profile hit a goal.

Motivation + PERFORM = Win

Right out of the gates, Profile Perform was a win for Team #ProfileProud. Profile World Headquarters took a team of 6 into the Great American Bike Race, an event that raises money for Children’s Miracle Network. We won. We raised money to help those in need. We fueled up with Activate and cooled down with Restore.

Check out my PowerPoint graphics skills.

The Science of Perform

We created Perform from the ground-up. For Profile, that means developing something that is nutritious, delicious and safe.

Mix up some Activate, our Perform pre-workout, for an energy boost. You’ll get some electrolytes, a bit of caffeine and lots of other vitamins and minerals. It helped Team Profile Proud rider Victor Barillas post a team-best 13.1 miles in 20 minutes.

Victor is part of our first-ever manager-in-training cohort. He spends his week training to become a manager, and he spends his weekend riding for charity.

After your work out, Restore provides you with both fast-acting and slow-release protein, helping you recover and build muscle. The Vanilla is absolutely killer. My opinion: Best-tasting post-workout shake available. If you don’t believe me, just ask for a sample at a Profile location near you. Restore helped Chris Clark, Profile’s Coach of Coaches, after he set the tone for Team #ProfileProud.

Quote of the day came from Chris Clark. “All we do is win bike relays.”

For Members, An Entirely New Way to Sustain

Profile Perform is here because Profile is focused on helping people set and meet personal goals. For our members who have met their weight loss goals, Profile Perform provides the fuel to ramp up physical activity. Do you want to walk or run a 5K? A marathon? If not, that’s cool. If you do, Perform will help you Fuel What’s Inside.

Team Captain Courtney Davidson recruited a great squad. We had the desire to raise money for charity, and Profile Perform Fueled What’s Inside.

More to Come

We’re just getting started with Profile Perform. Right now, stop by a Profile location and check it out. If you’re already a member, talk with your coach about how Perform fits into your goals. Because it’s from Profile by Sanford, you can trust that it safely supports your workouts. It’s legit. It’s been approved by the FDA and is certified by InformedSport.

We can’t wait for you try Perform.

Steve Herrmann, PhD

Steve Herrmann, PhD

Steve is Profile by Sanford’s Chief Healthy Living Expert. He does research, develops leaders and heads up Profile store operations. He’s going to do some 5Ks with his son this year and sometimes he listens to Chicago when he runs. In his spare time, he raises cattle. His personal best was going rim-to-rim-to-rim at the Grand Canyon in 48 hours.