It’s week two of the Perform Holiday Challenge and it’s time to step it up a notch! Below you will find your fitness and nutrition goals for the week ahead.

Ready to go? Make sure you have your Profile Perform Activate and Restore to help power through our Ambassador-inspired workouts, recover faster and deliver the results you deserve. Now, go get it – we know you can do it!

Fitness Goals For This Week:
Goal 1: 5 workouts. Go big. Get ‘em done!
Goal 2: Bedtime stretching. Take a few minutes to stretch it out each night before you slumber.
Goal 3: Human Stair Master. You see stairs? You take them. No elevators, escalators or excuses allowed.

Nutrition Goals For This Week:
Goal 1: Activate + Restore – Just like a good gym selfie, did a workout really happen without them?
Goal 2: Meal Plan – A goal without a plan is simply a wish. Here are some to try this week!
Goal 3: Drink 64 fl oz. of water everyday

Recipe 1: Buffalo Spaghetti Squash
Recipe 2: Mini S’mores Profile Parfait: (sub Perform Chocolate Restore)

Perform Ambassador Spotlight:

Profile® PERFORM

Profile® PERFORM

Developed for people who want to Be All In with an active lifestyle, Perform is another way to help you set and meet your personal goals. Fuel What's Inside with Profile Perform!