Welcome to Week 3 of the Profile PERFORM Holiday Challenge! We’ve got new goals for this week- but don’t forget all the healthy habits we’ve been creating. We’re heading into 2018 ALL IN.

Fitness Goals For This Week:
Goal 1: Get uncomfortable. Do something different, challenging and just plain hard. Increase your weight, go for more reps, try the pose or lift you could never do.
Goal 2: Two-a-days. You know what they are. Get 1 in this week.
Goal 3: Recover like an athlete. Get out the foam roller or get yourself to a yoga class.

Nutrition Goals For This Week:
Goal 1: Activate + Restore – Just like a good gym selfie, did a workout really happen without them?
Goal 2: Meal Plan – A goal without a plan is simply a wish. Here are some to try this week!
Goal 3: Snack Attack – Sure, you meal plan like a boss, but what about snacks? Plan ‘em and make ‘em count.

Recipe 1: Crockpot Shredded Chicken Chili
Recipe 2: Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate (sub Perform Chocolate Restore)

Perform Ambassador Spotlight:
Kayla & Ann

Profile® PERFORM

Profile® PERFORM

Developed for people who want to Be All In with an active lifestyle, Perform is another way to help you set and meet your personal goals. Fuel What's Inside with Profile Perform!