Terry Vandrovec – father of four, Profile Ambassador – on life as an active dad and how Perform helps him Fuel What’s Inside.

I have four kids and a wife and a job and a lawn and…they’re blessings, of course. But they all require energy. So. Much. Energy.

I start most days with a workout. I’m lucky in that I enjoy working out – always have. Lifting weights and running were things I picked up training for high school athletics. My sports career was nothing to brag about – unless you’re the kind to be impressed by the level of boys tennis played in cold-weather states. But the fitness habits that developed through involvement in organized sports stuck with me.

Generally, my routine is 50-60 minutes long, and nothing unusual – a warm-up, a couple bursts of cardio and some fast-paced weight lifting inside my neighborhood gym. But it’s enough to scratch my physical and mental itches.

Working out is my primary stress reliever, a way to knock down any lingering (first-world) problems before they get a chance to pile up. Hitting the gym right away in the morning sets the tone for the day. It makes me feel awake and accomplished and more prepared to tackle whatever comes next. Usually, exercise energizes rather than saps me.

In that regard, a poor gym session can negatively impact the rest of the day whereas a killer workout often translates into more positive and upbeat outlook. Sad but true. (Are Metallica references still allowed in 2017?)

That’s where Profile Perform comes in. Activate helps wake me up – without making me feel tingly or jittery like other “pre-workout” powders I’ve tried. Restore provides the protein necessary to maximize the physical gains that can come from working out. It also tastes great, a nice post-gym reward.

Because once I get home from the gym, it’s time to switch into dad mode.

In addition to being a saint, my wife is an elementary school teacher. Her morning routine revolves around waking up the three youngest kids – the “Littles”, as we call them; ages 6, 4 and 4 – so the four of them can get dressed and fed and into the van by 7 a.m. That rarely happens. The fights, the stress, the drama – it can be the ugliest scene outside of bedtime. (That’s another story.)

Inevitably, somebody is miffed about the bumps – aka basic seams – on the inside of their tube socks. We never seem to have the right kind of cereal. Even tablet time can get ugly because the twins aren’t able to type “mermaids” or “Power Rangers” into the YouTube search bar without help.

I’m inexplicably unhandy, possess less than the ideal level of emotional intelligence and never imagined I’d be a father of four. But here I am adulting on the regular (as the kids say). I’m a dad, man – wouldn’t have it any other way. Just need a pair of man tights, a treadmill within range of a big screen and a little shaker-bottle boost to get things started.

Perform Ambassador Team

Perform Ambassador Team

The Perform Ambassador Team is a group of athletes, trainers, Profile coaches and fitness professionals that share a common goal of performing at the highest level they are capable of, through the benefits and nutritional support of Profile Perform.